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Dear Reader. Thank You

Three years after the general release of WordPress in 2003, I joined the fledgling blogsphere with theDiagonal. Now, in mid-2015 I am reminded to thank you, dear reader.

theDiagonal now officially reaches every one of the world’s 196 nations (or 189-195 depending on how you align with the United Nations), but five. Hopefully, I’ll soon find readers in Gabon, Central African Republic, Chad and Niger, and of course North Korea. However, I suspect theDiagonal already unofficially hits eyeballs in Pyongyang — considering I’ve been hacked a couple of times over the last decade.

So, a big THANK YOU, dear reader, for taking some moments of your precious time to join this literary (mis-)adventure. And, welcome readers in Turkmenistan — salam; Samoa — talofa; and Equatorial Guinea — kedu.