The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (and His AK47)

Many see the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the United States as a force for good. Many recognize the NRA as a force for evil. To some, it is the heroic protector of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. To others it is the organization that allows gun violence to take the lives of over 30,000 citizens each year.

Yet, did you know that the NRA is also in the business of publishing fairytales? Actually, the NRA publishes children’s classics that have been re-imagined to include guns. Now you can enjoy classics like Hansel and Gretel (Have Guns) and Little Red Riding Hood (Has a Gun), with wholly appropriate gun violence and NRA-fashioned endings, as they should have been intended.

So, I can’t wait for handguns, semi-automatic rifles and more instruments of efficient death to take a stand in our classic American literature: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (With an AK47),  Invisible Man (and Lots of Guns), The Great Gatsby (and His Glock 40), Moby Dick (and the Tomahawk Cruise Missile).

But, why stop there?

We need to re-imagine Shakespeare’s works complete with shotguns, and our best poetry would certainly benefit from several truck-loads of tactical nuclear weapons, And, of course it’s time to give Jesus a well-deserved sniper rifle and a couple of literary grenades to love fend of the Pharisees, devil, Pilate, and Judas Iscariot.

Thank you NRA for opening the minds of our children to real possibilities.

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  17. OMG, you guys are truly depressing! You should log off the computer and go outside and get some air. Yes it’s bad out here but I think that the economy is not the reason the majority of you want to kill yourselves. You guys have had serious issues to begine with.

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  22. The NDAA gives us the ability to have political prisoners and destroys part of the Bill of Rights. Now Obama is supporting the United Nations Gun Control Treaty. The dictatorships of the United Nations Human Rights Council don’t approve of human rights or freedoms in their own countries. The United States does not need to become more like the creul dictatorships of the United Nations. Our Bill of Rights and our Constitution is what makes us different. It is why people keep coming here.

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  28. Imagine if this guy were talking about how Social Security should be cut back because it encourages the survival of “superfluous” elderly and disabled people? Or better yet, elminate welfare to put an end to the breeding of “superfluous” African Americans — remember those golden oldies from the right wing back in the Reagan years, rhetoric about so-called “welfare queens?”

  29. Denise,It’s a love/hate relationship. Obviously I love the freedom technology allows but I hate the loss of “flow” that happens when you have to configure something, set something up, or something breaks.I’m looking forward to focusing on a few areas of technology deeply but cutting back on the number of apps, tools and platforms that I use…

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  33. Alice Through the looking glass turned out to be about a female sniper who’s story is told from the perspective of her looking through a night scope on a 308

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  35. I read Snow White who had a derringer in the Red Bow in her hair. When the Prince Kissed her, she woke up and shot him by accident, and then in court claimed Stand Your Ground defense.

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