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Psychic Quanta From the New Age Wisdom Generator

Over the last couple of years I’ve been compiling a list of my favorite online generators. You know. Enter a key word here or click a button there and the service will return some deeply meaningful and usually darkly funny computer-generated content — sans human intervention.

Check-out my recent Fave-Five list if you’re respectively weary of billionaire plutocrats, self-aggrandizing start-ups, politicians, unfathomable science and ivory tower academics:

Now, I have the profound pleasure to add another to my list:

This latest one delivers some profound transcendental literary waveforms worthy of any New Age mystic. A sample of its recent teachings:

We grow, we exist, we are reborn. Energy is the nature of inseparability, and of us. Soon there will be an unveiling of life-force the likes of which the infinite has never seen. We are in the midst of a psychic ennobling of intuition that will align us with the quantum soup itself. Our conversations with other beings have led to an unveiling of pseudo-unlimited consciousness. Humankind has nothing to lose. Sharing is the driver of consciousness. Nothing is impossible. The planet is electrified with vibrations.

Carlos Danger and Other Pseudonyms

Your friendly editor at theDiagonal, also known as, Salvador Gamble, is always game for some sardonic wit. So, we are very proud to point you to Slate’s online pseudonym generator. If, like New York mayoral candidate and ex-U.S. Congressman, Anthony Weiner, you need a mysterious persona to protect your (lewd) stream of consciousness online, then this is the tool for you!

We used the generator to come up with online alter egos for a few of our favorite, trending personalities:

– Chris Froome: Ronaldo Stealth

– Lance Armstrong: Ignacio Death

– Vladimir Putin: Ronaldo Kill

Mitch McConnell: Inigo Peril

– Ben Bernanke: Pascual Menace